Georgiana Lotfy and Patrick Von Wiegandt have been producing recordings, apps and videos since 2009 to help people relax, meditate and sleep. 

We hope they help you.

Georgiana Lotfy

Welcome. We’re happy you have decided to take a step towards better health. Here you will find tools for better health including relaxation, meditation and guided imagery to help you fall asleep. I’m Georgiana Lotfy and I’ve studied and created meditations for over thirty years. 

I’ve used these tools to help thousands of people live happier healthier lives and would like to help you feel better. 

Please pray, relax, meditate, sleep or simply relieve some stress as you listen to the soothing sound of my voice guiding you to breathe into your body, quiet your mind, and rest in the deepest essence of your being. 

Pray or meditate with me often, and please share with others who may also benefit.

Patrick von Wiegandt

I'm an audio producer for over 40 years who grew up in Hawaii. Twenty years ago, my mother asked me to record ocean sounds for her to help her relax and sleep. Early one morning, I walked along the shore of Diamond Head, with my good stereo mics and digital recorder and created Diamond Head Dawn. I now have hundreds of these soothing recordings. I'd like to share them with you.